Reclaimed Vintage Flooring and Millwork

Reclaimed Wood

The Charm of Antique Wood Flooring

The tried and true character of antique wood flooring can invite a visually stunning spectacle into your home, providing the reliable movement of warmth throughout all your living spaces. With our “eco-friendly”  flooring, what was once thrown away, or abandoned by the elements, gains new life as beautiful and sustainable flooring in your  home, office.

 We can all take solace knowing that living trees have not been cut down to produce our  antique wood flooring and millwork components. Each plank of reclaimed flooring begins as a rare remnant of a tree once standing tall hundreds of years ago. Defying the elements and persisting through time, an antique wood floor contains examples of the rare, stellar glory of our natural world.


Grading Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The appearance of the wood determines its “grade.” All grades are equally strong & serviceable, but each has a different look. When evaluating heart pine flooring, the grading is complicated by the percentage of “heartwood” and “sapwood.” The higher the “heartwood” content, especially above 75%, the more valuable the grade.

Since there is no established grading system for heart pine or other antique and reclaimed wood at this time, the grade descriptions from various suppliers can vary widely.

Our grading system is explained here:

Clear wood is free of defect, though it may have minor imperfections. It is free of knots, thus the name distinction “clear”.

Prime wood is almost clear, but contains some natural characteristics such as knots and grain & color variations.

Select has more knots and color variations that either clear or prime grades, and is often chosen because of these natural features and the character they bring to a room.

Character  grade wood is more rustic in appearance and emphasizes all the characteristics of the wood species, along with nail holes, checks, knots and other character marks.