Reclaimed Vintage Flooring and Millwork

Our Story

Antique Lumber Corporation’s owner Arnie Jarmak worked as a carpenter in Lancaster County with the Amish for 5 years dismantling Pennsylvania Dutch tobacco and agricultural barns. These barns were then moved and raised in other locations. During this time he was part of a lifestyle where everything was saved, even the nails.

Years later, he traveled back to his home state of Massachusetts where he worked with a friend in the demolition industry. The difference between the demolition industry and the Amish way of life was like night and day. Arnie couldn’t believe or understand why nothing was being saved. He remembered back to his days with the Amish, and immediately saw the value of ┬áthis old wood. Shortly after this, he traveled back to Lancaster County to visit the Amish family he once worked with. He arrived with a plan and asked his Amish friends if they would go into the saw mill business and with that, Antique Lumber Corporation was born.

You often see businesses that save the first dollar they ever made, but because of his passion for reclaiming and milling wood, Arnie saved the first board cut in the Antique Lumber Saw Mill in 2001, which came from the Bay State Lobster Company in Boston, MA.